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Quarta-feira, 5 de Novembro de 2008

Free SEO Tool Online

I've just tried a new free seo tool and guess what: it's one of the best free seo tools I've seen lately. I'm talking about the seo tracker and analyzer from The ExactFactor Seo Tool lets you track your site's position in the search engine rankings, and a lot more. All for free!

The ExactFactor seo tool lets you check your website's keyword position in the rankings of three major engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Live). You can also localize the search engine according to the country (the search results differ if you search from one country or another), for instance, for Portugal.

You're allowed to try the SEO tool for free without signing up for an account, but I strongly recommend that you create one, which, by the way, is also free (I love this word), this allows you to use all the advance features of the tool. Signing up takes only a few seconds, where, basically, you fill in an email address, a password and create a report that can be edited later. You'll be able to login to your new account immediately.

How do I use the ExactFactor Seo Tool?

Using the online free seo tool is easy. After you have your account, it's time to start editing the report that you've previously created, and to do more things: Rename the report to a more friendly name, add email addresses to receive the free seo reports, Add / delete keywords, specify competitor's websites (useful if you have an online store and need to keep your site on top of the Google rankings). You  can add up to 5 different competitors.

To check your site in the rankings, simply enter the web address, a competitor (optional), the search query or phrase, and search engine. Click "Analyze". For faster results, use the "Advanced" tab under the text boxes, and change the depth of the search. Fewer pages, faster results. In the analysis window you'll see the current search engine ranking position for the keyword you selected, and you can also create email alerts from there.

Where is the Exact software free Seo tool download link?

This is one of the best parts: I don't need to download anything. That's right, no spyware, no viruses, this is an online seo tool, remember? This also means that you get to access the tool and login to your account from home, from work, or from wherever you are, as long as there is a computer close by.

The ExactFactor Free Seo Tool allows you to:

  • See where your sites or blogs rank in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Create and edit a free seo report for every site or blog you own
  • Add or delete keywords and phrases (long tail keywords) that you want to track, to the free seo report
  • Compare you site position against your competitors (or any other site, for that matter)
  • Receive automatic email alerts when your SE rankings change
  • Receive alerts when competitors outrank you in Google and other search engines
  • Know when your pages drop in the SERPs (you then can take immediate action and optimize them or create backlinks to get the high rank back)
  • Receive an alert when your page reaches number #1 position (or another position defined by you) in the search engines (the coolest SEO feature ever!).

This tool can be useful both for beginner webmasters who just want to keep track of their Google rankings but also for Seo masters who spend part of their time checking search engine rankings. I know that some people have dozens and even hundreds (!) of sites. Imagine the time they spend checking the rankings manually on all of them! With this tool, they can have more time to optimize the sites, and then use the tool to check the optimization results.

I also know that some Internet guys can spend hundreds of dollars in a "professional seo tool" or a "seo toolset" and use them to do things like analyze keyword density, etc., but those features you can get for free if you do a search for the right kind of tool or seo software.

I'm not saying that those other professional seo tools aren't good or efficient, because they are, but the truth is that most times you can fin free seo software that offers the same features, just not all together in the same program or tool. Just do a search in Google for "seo tools blog", "seo tools for Google", "seo tools for Firefox" (if you're a fan of Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer, like I am) or something like that, I bet you'll find good (free) seo tools.

The ExactFactor seo tool, being a free tool is also a professional seo tool and I wouldn't be surprised if the developer starts charging for it once it gets popular, because it will be.

This ExactFactor site has a very cool and simple design, and it is self explanatory and easy to use by anyone. But if you encounter a problem there's a help and a FAQ's section too. There is even a button to leave feedback which can be used for suggestions or compliments.

ExactFactor Seo Tool Screenshots

Here is the main page where you start your free seo analysis. Enter the site's address, the keywords, and choose the search engines.

ExactFactor SEO Tools Website - Main Page. 

I tested the free seo tool with my Funny Pictures blog ( ). After you create a report, you can go to the "Keywords" tab and  add keywords to it.

ExactFactor Free SEO Tool - Edit Report - Keywords. 

The "Alerts" tab is where you edit the email alerts. Specify top position alerts (for when your site reaches a top ranking in the search engines) and competitor alerts; and select which keywords you want to include in the free seo analyzes alerts.

ExactFactor Free SEO Tool - Edit Report - Alerts. 

This is a great tool to improve your site's Google rankings. But what really blew me away was the "automatic alerts" feature. In fact, this is the  first free seo tool that I know of that alerts you automatically BY EMAIL when your ranking position changes, when you reach a number one position for your keyword, or when a competitor outranks you. Of course I'm already signed up, and will continue to use this tool.

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